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The focal point of tourism within the chain of Hawaiian islands, Waikiki is a coastal community along the South shore of Oahu beginning at the Ala Wai Canal and extending two miles to the Dormant Volcano Diamond Head at the Southern most peak. Drawing attention to it’s beauty and accessibility dating back as early as the late 1800’s. It now holds a collection of luxury beach resorts including The Royal Hawaiian, Hilton Hawaiian Village, and Halekulani. While still continuing to develop with recent additions including the Trump Tower, The Modern and  most currently the construction of the Ritz Carlton. Haute Couture boutiques and world class dining with specific focus on east asian cuisine and several popular restaurants focusing on American fair.

All conveniently located within walking distance. Luxury condominiums and apartments are located throughout as well as communal living opportunities with shares and rentals in demand for students and young professionals.  As the focal point of the states capital Waikiki is a popular destination among inter-island, mainland, and international visitors.

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