Learn more about Diamond Head

Named after the historical landmark “Diamond Head” referring to the dormant Volcano at the islands Southern shore. The Crater estimated to be nearly 200,000 years old 150,000 of which it has remained dormant is now the center of a well populated neighborhood consisting of residential properties, community schools and organizations.

Diamond Head is known for it’s interesting architecture and beautiful Diamond Head Trail. Created in 1908 to support Ohau’s coastal military defense, it is now a popular the attraction of tourists. Farmers markets are a second staple of the community. Held at Kapiolani Park and Kapiolani Community College they’re known for their bountiful selection of island produce and artesian food goods. Also serving as weekly gatherings drawing tourists from Waikiki and residents from neighboring areas. 

Monsarrat Avenue which runs near to the craters edge is a list of boutique eateries and specialty shops, also a favorite among locals and travelers.



Diamond Head Featured Properties